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It was the worst abuse he has faced in the 14 years he has been out."That was very much out of the norm.

I can only speak personally, but I feel Wellington is a great city, it's definitely friendlier than other cities around the country, not just towards gay people, but in general."GROWING UPStatistics New Zealand says there is no official government statistic relating to a person's sexual orientation, so it's almost impossible to estimate how many gay people - let alone single gay people - are living in New Zealand.

Karetai has had more luck with long-distance relationships."I think people in my age bracket struggle to find someone also wanting to settle down," he says."There's a community in Wellington and everyone knows everyone.

Trying to get outside that bubble can be quite difficult."I'm not someone who tends towards meeting people at a bar or a party.

Although he offers a "boyfriend experience", he doesn't let work overlap with his personal love life."Business is business, gotta keep that line distinct." GAY AND SINGLE IN THE CITYNew Zealand's cities have always provided more in terms of a homosexual society.

Auckland and Wellington, in particular, are known for their so-called cruising areas.

His hourly rates start at 0, and business - based mainly in Auckland and Wellington - is good.

Prostitutes were available upstairs; those in the know would spell out their request via a code involving the placement of cups and saucers.

The Homosexual Law Reform Act, signed by the governor-general in 1986, eliminated the need for such secrecy. As recently as 30 years ago politicians were yelling from the pulpit that homosexuals should "go back to the sewers", so is it any wonder same-sex couples are still reluctant to hold hands in public?

But one of my friends came out at uni and has been in a couple of relationships since.

So it's different for everyone."FAMILIAR STORIES Rawa Karetai, right, pictured with Conrad Reyners pictured during the campaign for marriage equality in 2013 (Photo: Sunday Star Times)Rawa Karetai, 28, a Rainbow Wellington chairman, describes issues with dating that are similar to those mentioned by many heterosexual singles.

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