Internet dating puns

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In a previous statement, Apple said: “When we learnt of the theft, we were outraged and immediately mobilised Apple’s engineers to discover the source.

"I'm a lawyer, and it's a job that takes up a lot of time," she says.Other alleged victims include Kim Kardashian, a reality television show star, Vanessa Hudgens, an actress, and Aubrey Plaza, an actress and comedienne.Britons on the list whose images had not been released yesterday included Cat Deeley, a presenter, Kelly Brook, a model, and Michelle Keegan, a Coronation Street actor.If the quote becomes the only thing associated with a person, it's a case of Never Live It Down.This trope can be extended to Iconic Items the character never actually had, such as Holmes' deerstalker.

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"I had to go to Kinko's and scan in a picture of myself for my profile." Soon after that, she was on a date.

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  1. Soo-Ah can't bare the 'rough bumpy flight' Jin-Suk brings her in, while Do-Woo can't stand the fucking lies life Hye-Won involves him to live in. Some people say YES to what they do, some yell extremely NO !!!

  2. Sites appeared with names like “Anna Mayer’s Fat Ass Chronicles” and “Anna Mayer Keeps Ho’Ing It Up.” Posts warned that “guys who might be thinking of nailing” her should know about her “untreated herpes.” A post said, “Just be DAMN SURE you put on TWO rubbers before ass raping Anna Mayer’s ST diseased pooper!