Updating bios with cd Freesex cams

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Updating bios with cd

Before I go any further, I should tell you that you should not go into the BIOS unless you either know what you're doing or you're working on a computer that is unimportant to you or anyone who may need it.While it's relatively difficult to destroy data by changing values in the BIOS, it IS easy to make changes that would prevent the computer from booting.Generally, there is no mouse capability in the BIOS.

As you can see, this BIOS is for a motherboard purchased in 2005.Both newer and older motherboards will have different options/features. Others may have a different type of BIOS and may look significantly different.For most motherboards, the owner's manual is available online at the manufacturer's web site.The Super BIOS protect protects the computer's BIOS information from malicious software that tries to destroy the BIOS data.If the BIOS information is completely destroyed, the computer can not be booted and, if the BIOS IC isn't replaceable (installed in a socket vs soldered in place), the motherboard has to be replaced.

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If you hit the ENTER key, you get the screen below.

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