Who is julia robertson dating hungary marriage dating

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Who is julia robertson dating

John Hartley Robertson, a one-time Green Beret, initially agreed to participate in DNA testing, before changing their minds last year, according to Jorgensen, whose documentary asks whether the man is indeed who he says he is. 'I was in and out of consciousness from torture and starvation.

The North Vietnamese soldier hit me on the head with a stick, shouting, "American!

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John Hartley Robertson as told by a new documentary 'Unclaimed' gripped the world on Tuesday - raising the astounding possibility that an American POW escaped from his Vietnamese captors and began a family in secret with a local woman - while his wife and two children grieved back home. John Hartley Robinson - his friend Major Mark 'Zippo' Smith (right) apparently collected DNA from this man which proved Bendell right According to best selling author and former special forces soldier Don Bendell, the individual who claims to be Sgt.

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However, it can be revealed that the man is not Sgt. Robertson, is most probably a Vietnamese-French man who has been manipulating vulnerable veterans searching for MIA/POWs since 1991. Bendell served in Vietnam assigned to the 5th Special Forces Group from 1968 to 1969 and counts influential friends such as fellow veteran and former member of the Reagan administration, Orson Swindle as friends.

Robertson, rather he is a conman who has attempted to suck in members of the Vietnam MIA/POW community and that the CIA performed a secret DNA test on him 20-years ago that confirmed his lies. John Hartley Robertson is the subject of a documentary which claims to have found him alive - now revealed as incorrect - 44 years after he supposedly died in Vietnam A 2009 Defense Prisoner of War Missing Personnel Office (DPMO) memo sent to the Mail Online on Tuesday acknowledges that the man, known as Dang Tan Ngoc, came to the attention of U. In an email seen by the Mail Online sent to the organizer of a veterans film festival that will show 'Unclaimed', Mr.

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