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You can make the same argument about Audi and the R8.

You see, these three cars cost about the same and inherently, if you put it on an Excel spreadsheet or on a race track, the Germans are the better choices. But going back to the trying to justify the purchase price, who cares about a slightly faster lap time or better overall dynamics when you have a car this beautiful?

We were told it’s to stop gearbox abuse, considering the massive torque.

We would mention fuel economy at this stage but it's so outrageous it's almost not worth it.

It’s insanely impractical, and you can’t fit anything anywhere.

Our i Phone 7 enjoyed being thrown around the cabin as much as we did.

Let's just say, expect to become a BP shareholder.

Technical details aside, this car is all about being seen and heard.

The interior of the SVR is no different to the standard F-Type, bar a few more SVR badges and nicer stitching.

But no doubt the Jaguar is better suited to an open race track where it can exploit its might and have the room and capacity to stretch its legs.

In that sense, it’s more like the Mercedes-AMG GT S, more of a hardcore cruiser with the capability to maul anything that comes near it.

Especially in this orange matched to the yellow carbon-fibre brake system.

To find out just how many heads it would turn against Lamborghinis and Ferraris, we decided to take it out amongst a range of supercars in Brisbane one night.

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While all the rival cars mentioned so far tend to blend into traffic like a German rainbow, the SVR is in an attention-seeking class of its own for the $289,000 (plus costs) price tag.