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Joining forces with Vince Clarke, a former member of Depeche Mode, Alison formed Yazoo, a synth-dance band, in 1981.

Brian Mccollum: "Chicken-fried rock: Chickenfoot builds its sound on booming drums, slashing guitars" (Detroit Free Press) For Chad Smith, stepping into a side project meant taking a look back.

Earlier in the year, the country had elected Nixon, who had "a secret plan to end the war" in Vietnam. (Al) Romm, was editor of the Times Herald-Record in Middletown, NY, the first daily paper to be printed on offset, which meant magazine-quality pictures, the only daily closest to any of the proposed sites for the festival. Both my mother and father were at Woodstock the entire time, as reporters, starting Thursday.

America was feeling good about itself, and rightly so. The concert itself was controversial even before it happened, and the final site at Yasgur's farm was the third site selected. The promoters found Max Yasgur's farm a few miles up Rte 17. No one assigned to the story could get near it, nor could any of the New York papers.

For my mother's perspective on the experience, see my brother Joe's column in the Huffington Post, Sex, Drugs, Rock 'N Roll in Redneck Country.

The initial estimate of 600,000 seems high in retrospect, and the only way to know is to lay a grid over the scene and count the people there, then count the squares--the way the cops do it, and add in a guess at the people in the woods. All we know: It was large and no one was in charge.

I've probably told more Woodstock stories than Disneyland stories, but, for better or worse, in the third person.

I watered the lawn, drove through smog, sent my first real e-mail, and sampled the Other California Lifestyle. But the weather was perfect, the rides spectacularly fun (what we would later call "awesome! The Matterhorn was more fun than it looked on tv; the Enchanted Tiki Room's audio animatronics were better than on tv; It's A Small World was as good as it had been at the 1964 NY World's Fair. I had a much better time than my parents but they got much better stories.

Aftermath: No one knows just how many people were at Woodstock: could be as few as 200,000, as many as 750,000.

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I finally wrote it up for the local newspapers, but neither of the Minneapolis/St. While I would have liked to have my friends around here see it, the article really does belong in my father's paper, though he hasn't been associated with for decades.