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Dating buzz muzzleloader

I continued and seated the bullet, and it fired just fine.I seem to recall this same issue happening several years ago.The only thing I can think is that there was a particle of powder stuck to the barrel and the friction of pushing the bullet down ignited that small piece.Anyone ever had this happen, what the heck is going on? Before going out, we stopped at the range to fire a few test rounds.

There is a drawing of a Knight rifle that is correct but for the trigger.

While pushing the bullet down, i heard a sizzle and a whisp of smoke came out of the barrel, the bullet was only about a 8" down.

Scared the heck out of me, so I pulled it apart, dumped the powder, and removed the bullet. No smoke this time, but I'm pretty sure I heard the same sizzle when the bullet was halfway down.

That is somebody's 'guess' and he got it entirely wrong. Hartman's experience as described there was not claimed to be dieseling but a left-over ember in an admittedly un-swabbed barrel with a 209 cap IN PLACE during loading. The case was thrown out on two well-founded legal principals without telling any details of the event.

I was offered a very similar case in Louisiana claiming a remaining ember caused injury, but I declined. In 2008 was the Jain case I wrote about in my book.

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The Safe way to Load is to only have about 6 inches of ram rod gripped an work your load down the barrel in steps. at this advice but some unfortunate shooters will testify that this is sound advice because if you are holding a long grip and as you slowly push the rod down and you meet resistance and then it gives way you could build up to 400psi and the heat of that pressure is what ignites a diesel engine and your powder is the fuel!!

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