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Dave schiess dating search

(Returning the first point, I suppose the implication is that driving a nail is the fizzbuzz of carpentry.) Let’s just cover the first few questions: If the only way you can describe your work is “I’m a programmer. Yes it would be friendlier if the interviewer led a bit with “What kind of work have you been doing? As an interviewer I’m open to the idea that someone good at any one of these probably has great potential for any of the others, but if you’ve got nothing more to say about your career than that you’ve done general things in a general sort of way, you can’t exactly blame me for taking my own direction on what details I’m going to dig into. And all those kinds of brown would seem to be of major interest to a carpenter: if something is being stained instead of painted then I’d think that would affect the choice of wood. If you’re building a software library that will be called by a UI, then responsiveness matters.

” or “Tell me about some of your favorite projects.” but you’ve got to meet a weak interviewer in the middle. If you’re writing an order processing system open to the public, then you need to consider denial-of-service issues.

I call it the fallacy of causation, or the fallacy of the single cause.

I don’t think we’re wired very well to reason about outcomes that result from many different inputs.

Technical interviews can be annoying and they can be done badly, but I’d still much rather work in an industry that does tech interviews than one forced to rely solely on CV reviews and personality-driven poking at “soft skills”.When Apple made a phone, it turned out it wasn’t really competing in the handset business; it was competing for the next dominant personal computing platform.The more I think about an Apple car, the more I think that it might be the basis of their future “computing environment”: a space that is completely aware of and responsive to its occupant(s).My experience is that most people have a natural intuition that every event can be traced back to a prior event that caused it.This is even seriously proffered as a self-evident axiom of our reality: the “there is no effect without a cause; there is no creation without a creator” trope is a standard justification for creationist stonewalling. When there is a scandal or disaster we immediately try to find a villain.

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