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To the west of the Alice Springs is the Mac Donnell National Park, where you shouldn’t be missing Glen Helen Gorge or the Simpson’s Gap, dotted with landscapes, formations and scenic gorges. You've found a super-old post here on Buzz Feed, from an earlier era of the site.It is considered an important bird region, supporting a population of endemic species such as Pale-yellow Robbins, Victoria’s Riflebirds, Pied Monarchs, Mountain Thornbills, White-streaked Honeyeaters and Lovely Fairywrens.Located around 120 miles north of Brisbane towards the south coast of Queensland, the Fraser Island is known as the largest sand island on the planet.

There are over 100 pristine freshwater lakes including Lake Wabby and Lake Mckenzie, scenic sand-cliff formations like the Red Canyon, The Cathedrals and Rainbow Gorge, mangrove forests, rainforests and a wide array of eco-systems to explore.Choose to stay in one of the lavish resorts in Surfers Paradise and have an easy access to parks, reserves, farmland, vineyards and charming villages featuring in this part of the country.The real highlight of the place is the fantastic rainforest scenery on offer.Daintree is a tropical rainforest, stretching across 1000 sq. It looks strikingly similar to the Jurassic Park with rocky mountain peaks, pristine valleys and forests, white sand beaches and waterfalls filled with ancient plant species.65% of butterfly and bat species of Australia, along with 30% of marsupial species and 18% of the bird species inhabit the area.

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