Teacher student dating sim bridget moynahan dating jason lewis

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Teacher student dating sim

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Teachers are a smaller archetype in the otome genre (and really in the dating sim genre as a whole), with only a handful of high school dating sims including them as characters.

There’s a series of otome games where you play as a teacher and date students, but again this is a very small sample.

Kotarou was inspired to become a doctor because one of his best friends had an unspecified sickness.He has no attachment to his job, however, and often leaves the infirmary unstaffed so that he can sleep.Eventually, as Tsukiko forces him to hang out with her, she teaches him that running away doesn’t solve anything and that pain is part of being human.Naoshi Haruki is Tsukiko’s homeroom teacher and is a Leo. He a high energy and hot-headed teacher who seems to end up playing with his students more than he teaches them.He even has a running pranking competition with his homeroom class.

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The games each have three main male characters, and each of those characters is based on one of the 12 zodiac signs.