Live phone cam chat

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Live phone cam chat

Once you have Video Chat toggled on in a chat, you won't be able to switch to another chat until you turn off the Video Chat.

That wraps up all of the screen sharing goodness in Discord.

With both screen sharing and video calling, we saw an opportunity to use them side-by-side in a seamless manner.

Before we dive in, let's get everything all setup and ready to go.

)To search friends and add them to your group facetime, press the white camrea button in the top right corner of the Fam app, and search their name by how you have them saved in your phone.

Same for your friends - tell them to just search for you based on how they have you saved in their phones.

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Do this: Send your friend a Fam i Message link (the purple and pink image that gets sent through i Message) and tell them to install the app from pressing that link.

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