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Dhcp not updating dns bind

resource records from a zone for which a name server is authoritative.

An updater can find the authoritative name servers for a zone by retrieving the zone's NS records.

If the primary master name server allows updates from its slaves' addresses, then any forwarded update will be allowed, regardless of the original sender.

That's not good.[72] Still, when you use update forwarding, you should also use TSIG-signed dynamic updates.

So when you start using dynamic update, don't be surprised to see these files appear alongside your zone data files -- it's totally normal.

In order to use dynamic updates, you add an Given that BIND 9.1.0 and later slave name servers can forward updates, what's the use of an IP address-based access control list?

The deferral is intended to deal with a mismatch between a name server's ability to process dynamic updates and its ability to transfer zones: the latter may take significantly longer for large zones.

When the name server does finally increment the zone's serial number, it sends a NOTIFY announcement (described later in this chapter) to tell the zone's slaves that the serial number has changed.

There are some limitations to what you can do with dynamic update: you can't delete a zone entirely (though you can delete everything in it except the SOA record and one NS record), and you can't add new zones.serial number to signal the change to the zone's slaves. However, the name server doesn't necessarily increment the serial number for each dynamic update.

BIND 8 name servers defer updating a zone's serial number for as long as five minutes or 100 updates, whichever comes first.

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BIND 9 name servers update the serial number once for each dynamic update that is processed.

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