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Company dating in the workplace

It was a Hatch-wide project, meaning that everyone working out of Hatch LA was in on the exercise.

That included folks like Hatch Labs manager of engineering Ryan Ogle, Hatch co-founder Adam Huie, co-founder and Hatch CEO Moorjani and the Cardify sales team.

Justin was not a part of the Cardify team; he just provided working space. Hatch and Sean were in the midst of hiring a sales team to get merchants and vendors on board, and Sean hopped onstage at Tech Crunch Disrupt NY 2012 to unveil the app to the world.

At the time, Justin was selling off his own company Site Canvas and looking for a new project himself.

About two weeks after Sean started work, he participated in a hackathon within Hatch, where Moorjani paired Sean with Joe Muñoz, a developer who was also working at Hatch.

Whitney had a long friendship with Alexa Mateen, Justin’s younger sister, who also knew Sean and was interviewing to help with sales for Cardify.

According to one source, Justin’s decision to introduce Whitney to Sean and set up Whitney and Alexa as Cardify sales reps was one of his first moves as a leader at the company, despite the fact that he wasn’t officially working on the project.

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