Other uses of radiocarbon dating

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Other uses of radiocarbon dating

Archeological discoveries also show these towns were in existence until about 2,000 B. No longer can the Bible's critics get away with accusing us of being naive or foolish today when we believe what the Bible says about Abraham like they used to in the 20th century.This is critical to the belief systems of the world's great monotheistic religions Islam, Judaism and Christianity who all claim ascendancy from Abraham. Many professionals openly abuse the authority of their positions to push their Other Biblical confirmations from modern Archaeology include: Date and manner of Jericho's fall, The exodus from Egypt, Major characters from the book of Daniel and many others.His appearance on Earth is the central event of human history! He wrought marvelous miracles to feed hungry people.The Old Testament sets the stage for it and the New Testament describes it. For relieving the suffering he forgot to take food for himself. Then: He died on the cross to take away the sins of the world, to become the savior and redeemer of mankind.Yes, my friend I am not ashamed to believe that the Bible is the Word of the Living God!

(Matthew 24) Another fine example can be found in the book of Daniel (Ch.-27).Efforts to translate the Bible into English began with Aldhiem's Psalms in A. For almost 250 years after the job was completed the throne of England violently opposed its propagation, cruelly martyring men like William Tyndale burned at the stake for smuggling bibles - struggling to get God's work to the people!In the early days of the Bible's legality in England, many Christians were willing to pay large sums of money, just for an hour or two with the Bible, and just as people camp out for rock concerts today, they used to camp out waiting turns at John Roger's Chained-Bible!One excellent example is in what the Bible says about Abraham.There was a time in educated circles that it was considered a mark of ignorance to believe the Biblical record.

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The proof is all there waiting for you if you take the time to look it up.