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From the research Fisher herself has so far collected, it is now believed that there are four basic personality types that decide what type(s) of person(s) you could potentially fall for.

These types are classified according to the production levels of each of the four chemicals I previously mentioned. Builders: cautious individuals who tend to follow traditions and value persistence.2.

Truth be told, the amount of information that we have on this topic is abysmal.

But there are plenty of people out there, like Helen Fisher, who are digging into the field and conducting research.

Explorers: risk takers who are impulsive and creative.4.

Putting the differences between romantic love and love aside for the moment, I’d like to address that point in time when we fall in love. Sure, the person you are in love with is definitely the cause.

But have you ever wondered how an outside force can have such an effect on you?

Jennifer Lopez appears to be ready to live it up with a handsome new man. News can confirm the music superstar is dating former New York Yankees baseball player Alex Rodriguez."This is very, very new," a source shared with E! According to a source, the pair interacted backstage and things "just seemed friendly" between them.

"They are on the exact same page."Reps for each of the parties had no comment. News learned that Alex had attended one of Jennifer's "All I Have" shows at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.

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Of course, there are several other chemicals in the body that seem to be in hyperdrive when we find ourselves in love, but these seem to play the largest roles.