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Accommodating students with disabilities

We recommend that all students who are being tested in a distraction-free environment be observed.A bathroom break should be provided before testing.If you still feel the accommodations are inappropriate, please review your objections with your department Chair and forward any additional opinions to the DRC office.The matter will be reviewed with appropriate administration.Students can also obtain evaluations through the rehabilitation offices in their home states.It is in their best interest to seek evaluations through these agencies because they offer additional services that the University cannot provide.You should notify your instructor at the beginning of the semester if you have special needs or will require assistance during an emergency evacuation.

In compliance with the ADA, all students with a documented disability are entitled to reasonable accommodations and services to support their academic success and safety.

On request, Testing and Disability services provides information on disability-related topics to academic departments and campus organizations. Please ask the student if he or she has discussed the matter with the DRC staff.

If the student has already attempted to discuss the matter with the DRC staff, please refer the student to the Assistant Director for Human Resources for Disability Services, Corlia Logsdon, at (502) 597-6863 in Room 429 of the Academic Services Building. While the potential for discrimination is rarely an issue in this context, directly inquiring about the existence of a disability is not appropriate.

Accommodations being provided for your student by others (including by the DRC office) are also not disclosed in the notice. Start by discussing your concerns with the DRC Coordinator.

With further explanation, you may agree that the accommodations are both reasonable and doable, but if unique aspects of your course were not fully considered, then alterations may be needed.

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A private academic conference may give you an opening to mention various explanations for poor performance without implying that any certain one applies.

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