Updating my dell dj

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Updating my dell dj

You would have thought the original software developers of Musicmatch would have got an assurance from Yahoo that they would honour the commitment given by Musicmatch to the purchasers of their product.I'm sure I have read somewhere that vendors like Yahoo and the previous software developers, even if they are no longer trading, who sold their goods and services with a assurance that the purchaser would receive something they have been unable or unwilling to fulfil can be sued up to the maximum penalty, whatever that is but it could be millions, lets hope some legal beagle gets his teeth into them and soon.I had frequent trouble with the installers and even the jukebox itself on start up.I would suggest using MMJ 10 its flaky too but I have found it to be much more reliable.On this site, other users mentioned other players, which I tried but I did not find them suitable.I have also been using Mix meister which is a user friendly DJ program, it is worth a try. Theres not another single application that can do what MMJ could do. Ive been looking for years because Even when MMJ was still around as a company I was not entirely happy with it.I still do some builds and security stuff on the side.

There is none until some geek sits down and rewrites and recompiles the code. No The best thing to do is so far as I can discover is if your running 64 bit is to use XP mode.Forget what you have heard about online registration.What happens is when you put your life time key in the software it will try and fail to confirm but will give what is called provisional authentication.Dear MMJ Tried email live - failed tried msn searched for MMJ-FAN and MJM-Fan - no response. try copying and pasting this into your email client: XXXXXXXXX MSN most likely is not telling you that.msn now says my compuder infected by trojans, viruses etc. why not try: jongenesqueato2dotcouk any other ideas? A lot of web pages have warnings like that to try and get you to click on a link.

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I am going to purchase a new laptop with Windows 7-do you know if I can get a similar Jukebox version for Windows 7 ? Music Jukebox was taken over by Yahoo and then they sold it off, I have not yet found anything similar.

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