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Winning online dating profile

I know what I want out of life and where I’m going.It would be great to find an awesome girl who can join me. Surrounding myself with people who are honest, strong, funny and aren’t afraid to bust my chops has proven to be a very rewarding experience.

I enjoy going out with friends, but staying in for a relaxing evening is just as enjoyable (wine, board game, a movie).First Place Winner – Vadim – Average score: 7.9 Second Place Winner – Josh M.– Average score: 7.6 Third Place Winner – JDB – Average score: 7.5 CONTEST B – Women Age 33 – 49 This was interesting. I have decided to award both 2nd place winners the 2nd place prize ( Blackdragon credit).Here are the winners with their average 1 to 10 scores, and below that all six winning profiles reprinted in their entirety for you to read.CONTEST A – Women Age 18 – 32 As you can see, all three winners for Contest A were very close.

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(No, it’s not fair, but that’s how this works, folks.) Okay! In a future post I will comment on what they did that worked. All profiles are copy-and-pasted with no modifications to spelling or formatting (other than what my blog software does automatically).

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