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It aims to improve the diagnosis of ADHD as well as the quality of care and support for people with ADHD.

In February 2016, recommendations about dietary advice were updated.

The problem (although the professor didn’t say it outright) is that none of them seem to take any.

Professor Asherson, who has worked as a consultant for the company that makes Concerta, the first-line treatment for UK adults with ADHD, knows this better than anyone.

But when Smith was asked about Ritalin (like Concerta, a preparation of the stimulant drug methylphenidate) he said he had hated it and refused to take it from the age of 13.

‘It wasn’t a nice tablet,’ he wrote in his auto-biography. anything that makes you feel “zombified” surely can’t be good for you.’ It is striking that, while methylphenidate has been recommended by Nice guidelines as the first-line treatment for adult ADHD since 2008, just about every high-profile person who has gone public with a diagnosis seems hostile to it.

They sat on the media panel at the Maudsley Hospital — a journalist and historian, a BBC producer and a distinguished psychiatrist — thrashing out ways to make newspapers and television in Britain take adult ADHD seriously.

‘It wasn’t a long-term solution.’ Will.told the same paper: ‘Music is my therapy,’ ‘Music keeps me sane and keeps my mind on something.’ David Neeleman, a US airline founder who credits his own ADHD for his success, told specialist website Additude: ‘I’m afraid of taking drugs once, blowing a circuit, and then being like the rest of you.’ Even the pop star Justin Bieber, who told in February that he had been on Adderall ‘for about a year’, didn’t seem happy about it.For Dr Ellen Littman, a US clinical psychologist who is soon to publish a book on gifted people with ADHD, it is not surprising that those who do make it largely forgo drugs.‘Medication inhibits impulses, so it can make one less spontaneous,’ she explains.Unlike comedians, pop stars, or maverick entrepreneurs, lawyers need to appear professional.This also applies to the only two well-known British people brave enough to admit taking the meds — Louise Mensch, the novelist, journalist and former Tory MP, and Trudie Styler, the actress, film producer and wife of rock star Sting. Mensch has said on Twitter that her medication makes ADHD ‘eminently manageable’, while Styler says she uses the stimulant Adderall (but only when she has mounds of scripts to read).

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‘I’ve had artists and athletes tell me that it’s not a worthwhile trade-off.’ The same, largely, goes for entrepreneurs: people with ADHD are six times more -likely to start their own business.

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