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Random cum online chat

It was pages from a koran and he fell to his knees and started crying saying i defiled it. No there isn't room, the ambiguity has put on weight.The point is taken, the elk is dead, the beast stops at Swindon, Chabrol stops at nothing, I'm having treatment and La Fontaine can get knotted.: Uh holy shit, just spent 5 minutes trying to force something funny to say, but it's shit like this that makes me think we should be butchering certain people for meat instead of cows.Science was once the cornerstone of islamic nations, is getting back at his position in it today, it is unthinkable that it is missable.4 religions were invented after islam, 10 more will be created. Anonymous: WHAT IN THE FUCK DID YALL DO TO MY FUCKING COMPUTER MY YOUTUBE VIDEO TAPES ARE FREEZING UP&MY GOOGLES MAP EARTH SATELLITE VIEW IS FREZZING UP TO&I HAVE TWO COMPUTERS YALL HAVE REALLY TRASHED UP MY FIRST ONE&NOW YALL TRASHING UP THIS ONE TO!!Thus a global awareness will call for elections and a more free way to live as an individual wich will end up reducing religion in importance day by day.This has been the downfall for the thousands of religions before, t.b.c.: this will for certain be the downfall for future religions untill science (and this is an inevitability) comes with the undenyable evidence that a 'god' does not exist.Anonymous: Yeah, Chinese "quality" I sure have had enough of their crap. They don't really even want us to convert, like "moderate" muslims ( liars ) wish. And it'll happen Anonymous: Go To Encyclopdeia Dramatica and view the You Tube vid " This vid explains why it sucks to live in a Muslim country " and understand why you are ALL going to be affected negatively by an eventual ruling Islamic State in YOUR country. Anonymous: At least Christians don't go around killing non believers.No one is going to bomb them into oblivion, we have already lost. Oh, wait, during the inquistion, 8 MILLION PEOPLE were tortured to death by the Catholic church after being accused of witchcraft and heresy.: Hmm, sppose the islam does 'win' and is thaught in all nations, then i will give it about 200 years for its value to be reduced as chatolism is reduced in western states.

each one of those questions could be answered with an entire book. Anonymous: Propaganda - whist it may be "factually" correct it is WRONG the "bad" satistics is because of the nigger population of the USA - anywhere in the world the niggeers distort these numbers - the OP is a liberal comunist and should admit it! Also, I see just as many obese white trash families waddling into fast food joints, and stuffing their faces with lardburgers.

It is simply the time frame you are living in, global communication, media, economy, and science that WILL break down every religion, and scientists are getting help from unexpected side, namely the extremists.

t.b.c.: they drive more moderate religious people to think it is not desireable for them or their children & childrens children to live according the extremists way.

Fuck that shit.: Actually, what this confirms, is the well-known fact that cats are VERY stoic and brave.

A few years ago, my cat died from a cancer, and we only even suspected after it had reached terminal stage.

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We won't discuss, better listen to us when we screem and yell our rant! they do make an exception for kebabs/goats though.. it might also mean that there was some text and supposed content to learn by heart which author never ment or wanted or woudl have hated herself because it doesnt make much sense really.

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