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Mandating an

Recognizing China’s anthem is to recognize the Communist Party of China’s accomplishments in the revolution.” “The new law brings treatment of the anthem into line with desecration of China’s national flag, or its emblem, which has been a criminal offence punishable by up to 15 days’ detention since the 1990s,” Reuters notes.It also ultimately features harsher criminal sanctions than the original drafts, which have been months in the making.The anthem legislation follows the announcement of a series of reforms meant to inject more nationalistic fervor into school curricula, including teaching students that China’s claims to disputed territories in the East and South China Seas are widely accepted.New history curricula will also place a stronger emphasis on teaching students the horrors of the war between China and Japan in the 1930s and 40s, an outgrowth of World War II.Under President Xi Jinping, the Chinese government has moved to overhaul the education system; Beijing announced reforms to dispose of Chinese textbooks “promoting Western values” in 2015.Xi has also promoted the expansive concept of the “Chinese Dream,” an alternative to the “American dream” promoting Chinese hegemony, expansion of Chinese political and economic influence, and heightened nationalistic sentiment in the country.

In June, for example, a lawmaker suggested banning holding one’s hand to one’s heart during the national anthem, arguing that “putting a hand over the heart during the playing of the national anthem should be prohibited because it originated from a US law in 1942.” While the gesture is traditionally an American one, many nations have adopted it to honor the playing of their anthems.

“We must make persistent efforts, press ahead with indomitable will, continue to push forward the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and strive to achieve the Chinese dream of great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation,” Xi said in 2013.

“Socialism with Chinese characteristics” has become all but a national motto, enforced with particular rigor in parts of the country facing separatist movements.

That is the cooperation that we have had so far,” he explained.

Babandede said government’s aim was to put in place what he called e-government.

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He said, “The biggest problem we are facing is that everybody is deploying his own technology; but harmonisation of data will solve that.

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