Importance of dating in relations

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Communication plays an important role in every ones life.Communication would aid you to make or break up the relationship.The respectful person that knows their own mind, will recognise that the type of mutually fulfilling relationship they potentially want cannot work.The less you hold your own, the more alarm bells that ring, is the further you diminish your own value.The opportunistic person will take you on a drive to Booty Call Town, or Periodical Ego Stroke Town, Passing Time Town, Rainy Day Option Town, Last Resort Town or even Abusive Town. Both sexes are looking for relationship partners that can hold their own, not doormats.Doormats don’t get more dates, commitment, respect, happiness etc – they get people rubbing their feet in, putting themselves on a pedestal, not feeling like they have to commit, and being treated like an option.Even if there are things that you’re aspiring for or need to address, you can take care of you.If you don’t think you can, you’d better figure out how before you get out there on your dating saddle.

The wonderful thing is that you pay a driving instructor to recognise where you need work and help.

If your sense of self and self-esteem go into a decline or are abandoned as soon as you attach yourself to someone or get a sniff of interest, it’s like taking your foot off the peddle.

Much like in a learner car with a driving instructor, whoever you’re involved with has the option of taking over the ‘footwork’.

You’re communicating that you don’t love yourself enough – If you did, there’s no way in hell you’d be so quick to abandon yourself or put up with rinky dink behaviour.

You’re actually saying “I love you or the idea of what you could be more than I love myself.” and “I’d sell me who I’ve known since the day I was born for someone I’ve known for a wet week/month/year.

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If you want to have the healthy relation with your partner then you need to have good communication skills.

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