My space std dating

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My space std dating

My administrative assistant asked for some pain relievers, and I opened my desk drawer and shared from a labeled, over-the-counter bottle of acetaminophen.

He snuck a bottle of liquor into our unlimited beer-and-wine reception, which the venue fined me for.” One odd thing about this is that I have been extraordinarily financially generous to the admin who peeked and told. I used to like my job, and I make a very high salary.If I leave the company, I fear this issue will follow me.I was not in the least bit promiscuous in my life (truly). —Pariah That is absolutely horrifying—both that your administrative assistant would paw through your unlabeled medication and that your co-workers are now mocking you for a confidential medical condition (one that, by the way, is both extremely common and easily managed with medication, and not something you should feel ashamed about or isolated by).What they’re doing, in addition to being cruel and unprofessional, is also a violation of the Family and Medical Leave Act, which prohibits the disclosure of private medical information in the workplace.

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