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The rubberized protective shield not only protects the system, but now comes in four fun colors to give it an up-to-date style.No need to choose just one color, as all four color shields are provided with each system.Like all "Chats," NOVA chat 8 offers a durable yet sleek portable design, with features that include an 8" display, switch scanning, Social Chat, IVONA speech synthesizer, and many other Chat features.

It does come with a cover that says refurbished on box but it can be removed and then just a plain white box .

Acapela voices are also available for NOVA chat 8 as an option.

Sound clarity of NOVA chat 8 outdoes that of any portable communication systems of its size.

It is a word-based vocabulary that was designed to be an easy and intuitive generative language system.

This vocabulary is configured to work with a keyguard and with scanning.

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Chat Power 30 is a modified version of Chat Power24, but it includes an extra column on every page.

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