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Some Egyptians look fair skinned with thick hair and others are very dark.Hoda to me looks like a modern day Nubian, who are dark skinned but have more Eurasian ancestry as well as indigenous Africans.Her father looked more like a modern day Nubian, who have more Eurasian features due to the history of Egypt’s admixture.Her mother looked more “black”, for lack of a better word, when she was younger but now looks more West Asian but I do believe her genetics are of Africa.

mother looks just Caucasian though : P so the possible black ancestry must be from her paternal side.I think Hoda appears to have visible SSA, but not her mother.North African DNA is genetically tied to the continent.Also most of the things I stated on here,comes from people who are said to be experts in their fields.So like I said,if you don’t like it,take it up with them. I kept referring to all those people as ancient historians,when some were actually (writers and poets,philosophers etc)who lived and study in egypt at the time Now if you reply, I may not reply back right away ,busy. This has been denied and the various pharaoahs whitened up for years.

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She is light complexion, but not as much as someone like Alicia Keyes for instance. Even some black people owned white slaves Now I wanted to keep the debate civil,but you wanted to drag it down to something else,which is when I called it a night .