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Also in-case you didn't notice,my mod is actually done.

Planner: Rachel Kendall Events Video: Black Tie Video Caterer: Clementine Wedding Pies: Dangerously Delicious Hair: Serena Rose Styles Makeup: Beke Beau Rentals: Grand Rentals Events / Something Vintage Rentals Officiant: Thoughtful Weddings Venue: Monument City Brewing Company 2016 will go down in history as the best Independence Day ever for our little neighborhood, and perhaps even more, for my family.

Every minute that I stood awestruck in the middle of the street made me wish I had more than just my i Phone in my pocket, so I dashed home with the dog, grabbed the "real" camera, and ran back out the door.

A skilled Portal 2 modder has actually fixed many resource bugs that were included in the release as well as adding new items. The BEE2 itself is simply just an application which combines other mods together in a way that your Portal 2 client can understand.

The BEE2 comes with exclusive mod content(Rexura items) that have not been released in any other PTI mod.

The NOT gate is activated by a trigger behind the door.

The idea is to open the door with the button, then have it close as I walk through. There is a problem with the pneumatic diversity vent.

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The BEE2 allows the user to customize their palette with various items from other resouces mods, with the added ability to change the style of the compiled chamber. This new version is written in python and should be able to run on all operating systems. When you create your chamber remember to put the #BEEMOD in the description to help other find your map like right HERE!