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We left Eric, Mandy and their au pair Elsa entwined in a deep sleep after their first threesome.They had the weekend ahead of them with so much more to explore.

Both women moaned with delight as they squirmed against their respective seats.

Part Two: Mandy pulled over one of the kitchen stools and sat between Elsa's legs.

The young woman placed her feet on the edge of the counter and gladly spread her legs.

Elsa was the first to awake and gazed with lust over at the cuddling Eric and Mandy with whom she had shared such eroticism the night before.

She trembled as she remembered how she felt as she devoured Mandy while being fucked so wonderfully by Eric and how each of his thrusts drove her deeper into Mandy's flowing pussy.

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Elsa leaned her head back on Mandy's shoulder and surrendered to the tender touches as her breasts were cradled and the nipples excited.