Massage therapist dating clients

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Then, just as she reached the door, she turned around at the last minute, looked at him with eyes suddenly displaying a huge crush, and blurted out, ' Would you like to go out for coffee sometime? No matter how many he works with they all are very attractive to him.

Usually what he does when his mind wanders to a certain curve he finds titillating is bring his focus back to the work.

Our clients automatically give us more power than they would for instance if they met us on the street.

They are often looking for us to alleviate their physical, or emotional distress or discomfort which puts them in a vulnerable and dependent position…Our task is to meet our clients’ vulnerabilities with respect and kindness and we do that by maintaining secure boundaries.

Rather than being barriers that separate us from our clients, boundaries safe guard both practitioner and client.” The therapeutic relationship is focused on the well being of the massage client.

The dynamics of the client-practitioner relationship are complex and often subtle.

The most important aspect of keeping good boundaries is to listen to your inner voice. a massage therapist dating clients therapist is touching mostly naked bodies all day after all….LIke, if you went to yoga and the instructor was flirtng with the class, you wouldnt get the deep tranquil vibey OM feeling.I do end up feeling like I was a hit by a train afterwards though.Supervision is really the best forum for discussing the client-therapist interactions that you have with YOUR clients.The therapeutic relationship begins the moment a potential client begins thinking that they want to find a massage therapist.

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When you're working on someone, you're taking care of them and helping them feel better.

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