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The intention is that further reading of the text, ensuing reflection and research and simple moments of freer time may result in these gaps being 'plugged', enabling a fuller picture to be revealed in due course.Consequently, the text below will have unedited errors and will be being updated as and when there is time to add new information or correct and edit the current text.Another story relates that Bertram's forebear, called Norman de Verdun, arrived in Normandy in the suite of Rollo, first Duke of Normandy, but this is likely to be a mix-up with the 'Norman de Verdun' who was a grandson of Bertram I de Verdun, and it would be odd for Rollo the Viking to arrive with another Norseman who bore such an un-Scandinavian name as 'de Verdun'.

After 1066, Bertram was given the Manor of Farnham Royal in Buckinghamshire.Véronique Gazeau mentions this in Volume 1 of her 'Normannia Monastica' (page 238), writing: HUGUES DE FLAVIGNY, Chronicon Hugonis monachi Virdunensis et Divionensis, abbatis Flaviniacensis, PERTZ (éd.), dans MGH, Scriptores, t.VIII, 1848, c.28 : «Hac crescente discordia, comitatum pater Richardus adire compellitur...This old connection between the Earls and the de Verduns continued to be maintained over many generations, as is detailed ame the focus of their power and their Barony.But they also gained lands in many other counties and in Ireland, and branches of the family became established across the country, including the de Verdun family of Norfolk, who established another de Verdun Barony there.

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Details of sources have been provided throughout the text, to as great an extent as possible, so that interested readers may follow these trails more extensively, should that be of interest for them and helpful to their own research.

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