Updating a passport york sc

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Updating a passport york sc

Additionally, is funded and staffed to meet forecast requirements for security vetting.

It cannot accommodate large numbers of additional clearances on an ad hoc basis.

We will also double check some of the references by writing to or interviewing the individuals who provided them.

Friday 22 December: am to pm Monday 25 December: closed Tuesday 26 December: closed Wednesday 27 December: am to pm Thursday 28 December: am to pm Friday 29 December: am to pm Monday 1 January: closed Tuesday 2 January: normal service As part of the Ministry of Defence’s move to a new IT network, the email addresses of several Defence Business Services’ () Enquiry Centres have changed.If you have experienced certain medical or psychological conditions, our Vetting Medical Adviser () may need to contact your doctor (or military medical officer) for further information to enable us to fully assess your suitability to handle sensitive data.You will be asked to consent to this, and the form will explain how we collect and safeguard medical information.In a very small number of cases, where serious risks have been identified we may discuss the case with the relevant security authorities.In a few cases, and with the permission of the person being vetted, line management may be given some relevant information and be asked to help manage the risk.

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Our new email address is [email protected] The phone number is 01904 662644. If you need to send sensitive information to aims to operate as a highly efficient and customer focused organisation.

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