Nigeria dating site for sugar mummy

Posted by / 19-Aug-2017 22:22

Nigeria dating site for sugar mummy

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The thing is I understand my role as the bankroll & they know their roll as my lovers.

They talk to me in english I just tell them to leave.

I've had a few invite themselves to my table when I'm with my 2 girls & I tell them to piss off. At anytime I can stop sending money & never go back but i'm enjoying myself so much & get to play king for 4-6 weeks every year.

im thinking of going to cuba in November where is the best place to go .

im a older single male that would be looking for female companionship.

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I am coming to cuba dec 15th and would like to be shown around cuba,its always better with female company,im not looking for anything more than a guide, that can speak the language,even a little and see the sights with,someone near my age.