Lost stars dating

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Lost stars dating

Foslo liked to boast of his father General Foslo's high ranking position.As a Core Worlder, Foslo looked down on people from the Outer Rim Territories such as Thane Kyrell and Ciena.

Nash then pointed out that Foslo was jealous of Thane and Ciena's higher marks and mockingly asked Foslo about his father's rank.Ved Foslo was the son of the Imperial General Foslo, who worked in central intelligence.When he was around sixteen years old, the younger Foslo became an Imperial cadet at the Royal Imperial Academy on Coruscant, which was regarded as the most prestigious Imperial Academy in the Galactic Empire.Later, Foslo attended a Small Craft Flight class which involved the cadets riding speeder bikes through Reitgen Hoops.When Ciena and Thane managed to win the race despite their speeder bikes being stuck together, Foslo threw his helmet down in disgust while the other cadets cheered.

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