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But even today, some incidents occur which defy all logic or appear to be just plain crazy.Both people and nature are still capable of surprising us in mind-blowing ways.He did exactly that, except the instructions never came.As the years rolled by, Mike turned his life around. During the 13 years of his sentence, he had four children and even became a local soccer coach.

After a lot of struggle, Jeracki decided to escape by cutting off his leg. He used the rope to create a tourniquet and then used his pocketknife to carve off his leg right below the kneecap.In this scientific era, we believe everything is driven by logic and subject to scientific explanation.Those stories which do not fall under these categories are often discarded as urban legends.Adriana, shocked at the realization that her husband was also her brother, said: “I don’t believe that you’re telling me this.Leandro is my husband.” Shocked by the news, Adriana broke down on the set and began to cry uncontrollably.

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Leandro knew his mother was called Maria and that she had abandoned him at the age of eight. Since Maria is a common name in Brazil, they believed their mother to be two different women.

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