Parents and their children dating

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Parents and their children dating

DO watch your children’s reactions for clues to how they feel.DO make surprise visits when you have left them alone.DON’T completely ignore your child’s negative reaction to a person.You can often learn something about a person’s character from his interaction with children.Bringing a new person into the family can threaten your child’s sense of security.Therefore, it is important to carefully consider how and when you should introduce your new significant other to your children.

Make sure to reassure your child that if your new relationship becomes permanent your new partner will be an addition to their life, and not a replacement.When a parent begins dating, these negative feelings can be intensified for the child.Dating is a huge step for single parents—and their children.Parents who have successfully incorporated a new mate have managed by listening to their child when he or she expresses concerns or fears about their changing world.They are observant and watch their child’s behavior.

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Remember, your children need comfort and reassurance.