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Details of the ships and barges which carried the products of the many sawmills in the area are given, together with an insight into the living conditions and the innovative methods that were used to solve many problems.

Gauges of the timber tramways varied from 2 ft 6 in to 6 ft, but the most common gauges were 3 ft 6 in and 4 ft 6 in.

Ross Mainwaring's book covers the history of Captains Flat and its mines through to 1939 in some detail, but his primary focus is on the operation of the Lake George Mine from 1939 through to its closure in 1963.

Using company records at the Noel Butlin Archives of Business & Labour at the Australian National University and extensive newspaper research, Ross has drawn together a fascinating history of the company, the men who mined and transported the ore, and the community of Captains Flat during these years.

Particular attention is given to the underground railways used to haul the broken ore from the stopes to the main vertical shaft for conveyance to the surface, but there is also extensive coverage of the transport of the ore concentrate by rail from Captains Flat to Port Kembla for export.

In short, it is a thoroughly researched and well-written history that will provide readers with an enhanced understanding of the working conditions and challenges of the mine and its role in sustaining the community.

or: ISBN 978-0-909340-53-7 This book describes a complex series of timber tramways which operated in southern Tasmania during the period 1850 to 1974.

Three Hobart engineering firms supplied steam and internal-combustion locomotives of unusual design to many of the sawmillers.

The sawmill operated from 1912 to 1947 and the book records the names of over 300 people who were associated with the operation.

The author – Ian Mc Neil – started research on this book 30 years ago, interviewing many former employees and residents, and the book gives an insight into the social life of Simsville, as well as the working conditions.

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Again English capital came to the fore and the company Lake George Mines Limited was floated in 1927 to develop the field.

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