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Virtually any kind of XML validation requires access to the document in full.The most trivial example is that an attribute declared in the DTD to be of type IDREF, requires that there be an element in the document that uses the same value for an ID attribute.SAX provides a mechanism for reading data from an XML document that is an alternative to that provided by the Document Object Model (DOM).Where the DOM operates on the document as a whole, i.e.However, it is no less possible than sorting a dataset larger than main memory using disk space as memory to sidestep this limitation.The event-driven model of SAX is useful for XML parsing, but it does have certain drawbacks.To validate this in a SAX parser, one must keep track of all ID attributes (any one of them might end up being referenced by an IDREF attribute at the very end); as well as every IDREF attribute until it is resolved.

XSLT and XPath, for example, need to be able to access any node at any time in the parsed XML tree.A new housing with a larger sample-to-detector distance (230 → 1300 mm) was developed and a new focusing Göbel mirror was installed to provide a narrower beam width needed to detect scattering intensities very close to the primary beam.A new photon-counting detector was applied to probe the intensity at small scattering vectors while an imaging plate detector serves to simultaneously collect data at large scattering angles up to 90°.Some implementations do not neatly fit either category: a DOM approach can keep its persistent data on disk, cleverly organized for speed (editors such as Soft Quad Author/Editor and large-document browser/indexers such as Dyna Text do this); while a SAX approach can cleverly cache information for later use (any validating SAX parser keeps more information than described above).Such implementations blur the DOM/SAX tradeoffs, but are often very effective in practice.

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Editors and browsers likewise need to be able to display, modify, and perhaps re-validate at any time.

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