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Mature dating gray hair

A common example of this is when a woman finds a gray hair on her head.

She will scream, pull it out and rush off to the nearest department store or hairdresser for some hair dye.

You will see that most men age gracefully and aren’t worried about being gray.

You might also notice that the men who have dyed their hair are usually alone.

Next came several years of me taking matters into my own hands, starting off with plucking the grays one by one and escalating to buying boxes of Clairol at the drugstore.

This generally did the trick, but led to a couple of mishaps, including one memorable time when I was left with Frankenstein-like jet-black stains across my forehead because I didn’t use a skin protectant along my hairline.

You don’t even know what women find attractive about men Dying your gray hairs sends a signal to women that you’re not even aware that in the human mating dance, it is women who have to look young, pretty and vibrant.

Lack of ambitions and an indifferent approach to life Guys who are stuck in dead end jobs, spending their weekends sitting at home watching TV and wasting their life away are not high on the list of a woman’s wish list.

Naturally, a woman will feel afraid that at any sign of trouble or difficulty, he might burst into tears or pack up his things and run for the hills.

If a woman cannot rely on the man she’s with to support her and take charge of any difficult situation, then she will look for an alpha male who can.

Just because women dye their gray hairs, it doesn’t mean that men have to copy them.

Men often misinterpret what women care about because they don’t understand what really attracts women to men.

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At 17, I spotted my first gray hair, which I promptly attempted to cover myself by mixing muddy henna in a Tupperware bowl at my kitchen table.

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