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The British-Celtic inhabitants of the isles tended to refer to all of these groups collectively as Saxons.During the Middle Ages, because of international Hanseatic trading routes and contingent migration, Saxons mixed with and had strong influences upon the languages and cultures of the Baltic peoples, Finnic peoples, and Polabian Slavs and Pomeranians, both West Slavic peoples, as well as influencing the North Germanic languages."England" in Scottish Gaelic is Sasann (older spelling: Sasunn, Genitive: Sasainn).Other examples include the Welsh Saesneg (the English language), Irish Sasana (England), Breton saoz(on) (English, saozneg "the English language", Bro-saoz "England"), and Cornish Sowson (English people), Sowsnek (English language), and Pow Sows for 'Land [Pays] of Saxons'.This general area also included the probable homeland of the Angles.Saxons, along with the Angles and other continental Germanic tribes, participated in the Anglo-Saxon settlement of Britain during and after the 5th century.

During Georg Friederich Händel's visit to Italy (1706- ), much was made The Finns and Estonians have changed their usage of the term Saxony over the centuries to denote now the whole country of Germany (Saksa and Saksamaa respectively) and the Germans (saksalaiset and sakslased, respectively).

Some copies of this text mention a tribe called Saxones in the area to the north of the lower Elbe.

However, other versions refer to the same tribe as Axones.

The label "Saxons" (in Romanian: Sași) also became attached to German settlers who migrated during the 13th century to southeastern Transylvania.

From Transylvania, some of these Saxons migrated to neighbouring Moldavia, as the name of the town Sas-cut shows.

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The Dutch female first name, Saskia, originally meant "A Saxon woman" (metathesis of "Saxia").

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