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He pressed into the table to disguise the bulge that inflated the front of his dungarees. But let's get to the one Coach Compton has asked us to buy..import..all his boys to wear for some big swim meet." She rummaged some more.

Now they're being sold in America and the coach wants it on each of his boys..we can win!

It would be terrible to have to wear them in front of females. Like the other two swimsuits it was tight and stretchy and had no skirt.

His sister held and stretched the Lacer briefs and poked her fingers through the gaps in the sides and handed it to their cousin. And there it was, like something that Rodney had never seen on any swimmer.

“A lot of lads I know, their first crush is a teacher or a friend's mum.

You maybe never get over that even when you get older,” he says.

As with his mother's smell, Rodney picked up her scent: Chesterfield cigarettes and perfume, and, after a time, something else...a sour, intimate smell. Oh god, and that night didn't they stare when a boy got stiff! It devoted several paragraphs to explaining what it solemnly called "involuntary erections." He had sported a particularly stubborn one that night- an "involuntary erection"- as he and three buddies had crouched in the chlorinated water. And many of the fellas had, as usual, sustained erections or half erections during that time. "These old fashioned swim shorts with waist bands and pleats..." She held up a Jantzen. Even his mother had a grin curling at the corners of her mouth as her eyes seemed to drill through his dungarees.

While the controversial politician and pundit may not be many people's idea of a great date, one thing is for certain - well-groomed, approachable older women are considered enormously attractive across the board.

I'll be taking Rodney to Logan's to pick his...after school on Friday." "Oh Mom! " And so on the second floor of Logan's Department Store in downtown Brewer, smelling of floor polish and haberdashery, the three females and the tall boy stood at the male swimwear display with Miss Rosalind Newbold, one of the store's most seasoned saleswomen. Either way they had come in eagerly, staring hard at the swimmers suddenly caught in the nude. Rodney would never forget the womens' looks that night- eyes with bloodlust, as if they were glued to a boxing match. Or had Miss Newbold been with that group of ladies the boys had glimpsed in the window of the little store room on the upper level of the smelly old brick and tile Y baths, one night when they were training? So loose he could almost imagine a full erection- even of his freakishly long member- being sheltered in its floral folds. Disguise the fleshy penis head which Rodney's friend, Danny Bold, had said, standing with him in the showers, looked like a "plum jammed on a pole." Even a half erection which thrust out parallel to the ground might pump away unobserved. She meant they don't show off my cock and balls, thought Rodney! But now...well, Jantzen is being less modest...letting males show off..." The girls giggled and looked at Rodney.

She had, for as long as anyone remembered, taken delight in fondling and holding aloft mens' trunks and helping boys find the right size and lead them into the change booths and help them fit them on. She was a tall, spindly, sharp-featured woman with cats' eyes glasses on a chain dangling the front of her black uniform. Yes, how they had stared as the coach had called the boys around the pool to order and they had shuffled into line. His mother had last year given him a handbook entitled A Guide to Young Manhood, published by the Boy Scouts of America. It had shocked them, that half a dozen "old ducks" had been suddenly sighted, noses pressed to the glass, smiling, peeping it seems for a full hour while boys had stretched, lounged, limbered up, queued to dive, heaved themselves from the pool..the ladies looking on. Oh yes, Rodney wanted its looseness and folds and cover! " declared Miss Newbold, looking furiously at the item in her hands. They show nothing of a young man's full physique, nothing of his manly characteristics..." Too modest! Here they all looked from the swimsuit towards Rodney's waist. "..extra covering in front, no skirt, just the form-fitting erection..." Form-fitting erection?

Naked- in swim class or in the showers- he did get attention, especially- and it gave him the creeps- from queer old Coach Compton. But it's interesting- we find a certain kind of dad loves pulling it on." "Wow!

With his clothes off, and poised to dive, he was transformed: no longer gawky, an athlete of the Athenian Golden Age, only a bit more slender- and, of course, his hair was red, and not just on his head.

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