Security officer dating sites

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Security officer dating sites

And the security struggle doesn't stop there…In addition to intaglio printing, end paper print design can employ a number of additional anti-copy elements.These include offset printing in four colors and UV 365 in two colors, as well as IR reactive inks.This creates a unique effect that is very difficult for counterfeiters to replicate: it requires specialized skills and dedicated equipment.

Effective end paper design will therefore include burning the genuine document number through every single page, using laser technology.

According to the Keesing Journal​ of documents &Identity of June 2017, Intaglio remains a technique that cannot be replaced by inkjet or toner printing, at least for now. Tactile effects in particular are hard to reproduce.

Intaglio continues to offer a high level of security compared to digital printing.

Crucially, Gemalto can produce ultra-thin end papers that are as durable in operation as they are fragile if attacked.

If a forger does try to separate the end paper from the cover, it will be destroyed and rendered useless. This process is difficult to replicate without specialist equipment; attempts to do so are recognized easily by border guards.

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Access to the stitching – and hence the data page – should be prevented through the use of high security printing methods on a secure paper substrate.

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