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He's really bright, so he's dealing with politics and everything. Sara Ramirez is just in the first few months of tweeting, so she's on it a lot now. I guess when Bailey is having her baby and she tells T. Justin Chambers: Well, Jesse Williams is on his computer the most. Kevin Mc Kidd: Every cast member has a moment like that! The cast member you socialize with most outside of work: Jason George: Sarah Drew or Kevin Mc Kidd. James Pickens Jr.: Boy, you're talking 200 episodes! I looked at it as a sign that my relationship with Shonda would last a long time." __Kevin Mc Kidd__ also shared his thoughts on what will happen to Cristina and Owen once Sandra Oh departs after this season. At the end of the premiere, Owen kissed Teddy, but she was upset that he wanted to cheat on Amelia and thought the kiss was due to the stress of his sister's rescue. "Meredith's journey will be really interesting as a mother.

The duo's friendship remained strong throughout Teddy's time in Seattle and Owen ultimately fired Teddy at the end of Season 8 so she could pursue her dream job.

New medical tests revealed Henry had a tumor near his heart causing bleeding in his lungs and trachea and would need emergency surgery.

Cristina was asked to perform the operation but was not told the identity of her patient due to her friendship with mentor Teddy.

"Kim's series option was up and she was ready to give Teddy Altman a much-needed vacation.

It's been a pleasure working with someone as talented and funny and kind as Kim; everyone is going to miss her terribly," In the Season 14 premiere, Teddy returned to Seattle to support Owen as he reunited with his long-lost sister, Megan Hunt (played by Abigail Spencer).

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Actress Kim first appeared on in the Season 6 episode "New History." The 48-year-old TV star previously left the hit medical drama back in 2012 after three seasons.

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