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Who is aimee teegarden dating

The first season of the television series Hannah Montana was aired on Disney Channel from March 24, 2006 to March 30, 2007, and included 26 episodes.It introduces the five main characters of the series and Miley Stewart's situation of living a secret double life as a teen pop star.

Episodes of the first season typically end with a scene that is not crucial to the plot, often functioning as a throwaway joke.The girls come up with a plan to get Oliver to hate Hannah.Oliver and Hannah meet up at Malibu beach and she chews gum since Oliver hates it, but the plan backfires.For the TV version of the theme, which lasts only 50 seconds, only the first two stanzas and the last two were used."Just Like You" and "The Other Side of Me" were originally tested for the opening theme song, before "Best of Both Worlds" was chosen as the theme.

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23-minute episodes (without ads) recorded using a multiple-camera setup. The theme song for Hannah Montana is "The Best of Both Worlds" written by Matthew Gerrard and Robbie Nevil, produced by Gerrard and performed by Miley Cyrus (as Hannah Montana).