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Not only can you monitor your house from the inside and find out what’s going on in your front and back yard without having to open the door, but the camera itself can control access to your home when it’s connected to the locking and unlocking mechanism of your doors.Many times such complex use of an outdoor camera is for high security locations such as jewelry stores; however, an increasing number of homes also use this technology to protect their family and belongings.

And what kinds of features are essential to you in a camera?Wired cameras are, by virtue of their name, something of a permanent feature and once they are set up they are particularly difficult to move.Whereas wireless cameras are easier to install, the wired cameras are not as easy to install and often require professional assistance for the installation process.For example, if a burglar were to enter your home when it was vacant, you would be able to determine the color of their clothes, the color of their skin and possibly the color of their eyes, whereas with a black and white camera you would only be able to distinguish between light and dark tones.In high security situations such as retail or wealthy or prestigious families there is generally no question that a color camera is the best option, but for the average home it usually comes down to a matter of what type of system fits the available budget.

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Wireless cameras are also more covert since they cannot be traced by wires that protrude from the system.

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