Updating ps3 hdd

Posted by / 29-Sep-2017 20:09

Updating ps3 hdd

If you didn't do a Reset after firmware was updated, then suggest you do it.

Do you switch the unit into Standby (quick On/Off press) or Off (On/Off hold for 5 secs) ??

All it sees for network shares are the various PCs (via Windows Shares) or my Mac (via Mac Shares).

Firmware 2.01.86 () and 1.16.13 (23-7-2013) have been stable.Under Windows, the Seagate is shown as a mapped network drive and it's also displayed as a media server.The SMP can see the Mac and the Windows PCs and can access their resources via network shares.Also do these versions have all other previous updates when you install as well. Do have a look at the release notes for each version though because there may be features that were added in subsequent releases that you might want. It allows moviesheets, where the stock WD firmware doesn't for the Gen2.Sorry for all these questions as am not that tech smart. Tasirith, I would have thought that if I download version 1.16.13 it would have all the other previous changes included and then all new changes.

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I have the SMP on ver 2.02.xx, seems to be great, using a synology DS212 via GBE, works great, also running plex on the NAS, great for my iphone/ipad.

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