The facebook dating formula

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[See also: “Self-publishing your own book is the new business card”] Now, if you want to spread the truths of your brand, of your ideas, of your products, of your message, you have to create your own platform, you have to spread it across all media, and then you have to manage each medium differently. In general, if you want a fan (or a customer) to “Like” you even if he has never heard of you, you are going to have to pay to reach him. Here’s my Facebook fan growth in the month that I pursued this.BUT, on Facebook, as opposed to any other medium (other than twitter) you pay ONCE and then forever after you can market to that Fan for free. Budweiser has to reach the same fans each year with another mm commercial. It basically took about 30 days to get 100,000 fans.Many went to Twitter to vent their frustration under the hashtag #Facebookdown.

The clickthru rates on ads were as high as 90% on some of their ads.So then I would know that there was a high likelihood these same people would also like posts coming from Then, Fan News Cast came up with ads that targeted the friends of people who were already connected to my blog but specifically not the people connected to my blog.Each ad campaign probably had four or five separate factors they were testing and they would start new campaigns each day.Within hours they would drop the ads with slower and more expensive click-thrus and up the budgets on the ads that were working.

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Then they would do a lot of testing: putting the words in the front of the ad, in the back of the ad, linking to specific posts on the page, linking to the whole page, experimenting with different pictures in the ad, etc.