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If the first character is a quotation mark, match a beginning quotation mark followed by at least one occurrence of any character, followed by an ending quotation mark.visual studio and visual web developer IDE can auto generate regularexpressionvalidator validation is a very useful and time saving feature of visual studio.

Here are two server-side scripts which will help you validate email!Some of the other application are as follows: Free j Query Spell Checker Plugins For Asp.Net, Passing Value From One Form to Another in Using C#. In above code first we are getting index of @ and after that for dot(.) .If no then error message is getting displayed otherwise page post back take pace. Net, Windows Application, WPF,j Query, Javascript, HTML. About the Author We are the group of people who are expertise in different Microsoft technology like Asp.

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Net, How to style input and submit button with CSS in, Binding Gridview By Access Data Base Using C#. These two are the most important part of the of an email id.

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