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Costa Rican women and children are subjected to sex trafficking within the country, with those living in the north and central Pacific coastal zones being particularly vulnerable.

Authorities have identified adults using children to transport or sell drugs; some of these children may be trafficking victims.

Similar features found at lower elevations in other parts of the Cordillera may point towards even more extensive ice cover during stages earlier in the Pleistocene but no effort to date these landforms has yet been invested.

A particularly interesting feature near the base of these sediment cores is a distinct shift from light-coloured material dominated by mineral particles to much darker brown or black sediments rich in organic matter.

This transition is observed in lacustrine sequences all over the world, and certainly here in the UK, and is commonly attributed to the transition from the Younger Dryas interstadial at the end of the last glacial period into the early Holocene.

Save this for a few dates in – it’s hard to get to know someone when you’re meant to be quiet.

Men, women do not need to know if you’re circumcised on a first date. Similarly, if you fib and tell her you love rom coms, you cannot complain when she drags you to every Rachel Mc Adams movie. There is too much as TMI though so know where the line is and stay on the appropriate side.

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Looking into the research and browsing through photographs of Cerro Chirripó has certainly inspired me to aim to hike up the mountain on my next visit to Costa Rica. (1990) Timing of deglaciation in the Cordillera de Talamanca, Costa Rica.

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