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Speed dating tall people

The tall man=power equation may simply be part of the male-female power differential.

Men are taller because of hormonal influences, to be sure.

How do all these partner differences translate to personal satisfaction?

The findings for women were surprising in light of the partner preference data.

We’re all conditioned by media images to prefer men and women with a certain kind of appearance.They estimated their own height, and reported on their sex, ethnicity (most were Dutch or German), and reported on their sexual orientation.The rest of the questions, simply enough, asked them to report on their relationship status, the height of their partner, the satisfaction with their own height, and their satisfaction with the height of their partners.Second, being “looked up to,” quite literally, may at some subconscious level lead taller men to feel that they have superior qualities.Third, and most importantly from a scientific perspective, we simply don’t have the experimental cause-and-effect data to back up the idea that social attitudes and not the caveman explanation are behind any particular set of mating advantages being conferred to taller men.

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Men liked being taller than their partners, but they didn’t care about the height difference as much as women did.

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