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Validating quicken file

I went from 2013 to 2016 as Quicken has a 3 year support cycle.

Note that latest Quicken software needs you to login.

I don't track this so you are always back in the quicken forums to ask that.within Quicken? Also, you're at or past the 3 year support period for on line downloads so I'll presume you're using manual entry mode only.

Make sure you've turned off any and all account settings related to connection to your banking institutions as well as reminders and automatic updates.

While doing that, after over an hour on chat with her, the whole Quicken program and the chat window crashed, possibly because she had me copy too much data at once.

That's what it looked like anyway but why the chat window crashed at the same time baffles me.

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Just when I had everything caught up it happened again.

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