Daughter dating deadbeat who is dating olivia wilde

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Daughter dating deadbeat

When my ex finally ran off to begin her affair with the then-married man she now lives with in British Columbia, together with my children, I was pretty much left prostrate.

It turns out the event had been planned, and her mother was involved.

After all was said and done, in one of the strangest and most unexpected incidents of the entire affair, my ex’s attorney actually called and offered something like an apology—she said, in a roundabout way, that the CPS and police calls weren’t her idea.

I’ve never been a high earner, nor have I ever been very ambitious about making money, although I’ve worked for the overwhelming majority of my adult life and can’t really imagine not working in some capacity or another.

I’m sure my lack of financial motivation had something to do with the breakdown of my marriage (although, actually, it was probably psychologically more of a problem for me than my ex), but before being divorced, I wasn’t aware that it was a potential crime.

It was all a mystery to me, and I didn’t have the time in any event.

Nevertheless, I managed to present some facade of resistance, so my ex decided to administer a killing blow.

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Like her earlier attempt to have me arrested, the call had little immediate effect—the CPS agent checked my son and talked to him, interviewed me, and determined the report “unfounded.” I breathed a sigh of relief, but of course I was even more stressed and demoralized than ever.